The Outdoors Project – “Inspiring Adventure Clubs For Kids”

Last month I had the pleasure of photographing a ‘Holiday Club’ afternoon run by The Outdoors Project who provide children’s clubs that take place in local parks and greenspaces. It was a joyous afternoon! The children were clearly having a ball whilst enjoying the outdoors, developing skills and making new friends. They had a ‘Campfire Cookout’ where they cooked scrumptiously tasty ice cream cones filled with treats followed by toasting huge marshmallows! They had a lesson in whittling, played in muddy puddles (one of them was made of chocolate apparently 🙂 ), soared through the air on a rope swing and played fun fantasy battling games. Highly recommend The Outdoors Project for anyone who has children and wants some fun activities for them either during holidays or after school! Just look at their little happy faces! 🙂

“Our mission is to encourage kids to spend quality time outdoors and gain all the benefits from doing so! Fresh air, exercise, developing friendships, learning about nature, engaging in “wild time”, exploring creativity & imagination, learning new skills and above all having fun!!”