Whispers of Love: An Intimate Elopement in the Heart of Dartmoor

In the heart of Dartmoor, where ancient oaks stand tall and the air is filled with the sweet scent of pine, Bellever Forest becomes an enchanting backdrop for a love story that embraces simplicity and nature’s embrace. This is the tale of an elopement, a celebration of love woven into the fabric of Dartmoor’s timeless beauty. Bellever Forest, with its moss-covered pathways and the gentle murmur of the East Dart River, sets the stage for a love story that’s intimately intertwined with nature’s symphony. Under the rustling leaves and the canopy of towering trees, love blossoms in its purest form.

As vows are exchanged in hushed tones and the rustle of leaves becomes the soundtrack, each moment is a poetic dance between the couple and the untamed wilderness that cradles them. It was a joy to capture the emotion of the day as the couple explores the forest hand in hand, exchanging stolen glances against the backdrop of ancient trees and babbling streams. Bellever Forest, with its rugged charm, offers countless photo opportunities. From the weathered bridges spanning the river to the expansive vistas of Dartmoor’s rolling hills, every frame encapsulates the untamed spirit of the landscape and the enduring bond of the couple. It’s a journey into the heart of nature, where love finds its place among the ferns, lichen-covered rocks, and ancient trees.

We then venture to Foggintor Quarry to continue the romance for some epic shots! The rugged charm of the quarry, with its towering cliffs and tranquil waters, set the tone for some intimate and adventurous couple portraits. Against the backdrop of weathered stone and the expansive sky above, it was a truly spectacular scene!


Workshop: Obscura

Dress: Julita London

Florist: Miranda Hackett Flowers

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