Reminiscing about the Confetti Fields

These beautiful fields! I’ve found myself daydreaming about past Summer activities (when we were wild and free without any restrictions!), and this trip to the stunning confetti flower fields in Wick (Worcestershire) a couple of years ago is certainly on my mind! The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company are arable farmers who also grow flowers to make wedding confetti – lovely 100% natural and biodegradable confetti.

It’s only open to the public for 10 days a year so it’s a real treat to visit! It’s a spectacular sight with acres of delphiniums and cornflowers; rows and rows of vibrant colours. One chap even announced that he thought they beat the tulip fields in Holland! It has such a calming atmosphere and you can even enjoy some tea and cake in their pop-up café. I had a lovely day frolicking amongst the beauty in the sunshine (it was really hot and sunny that day); my partner was a great sport and totally embraced my whimsy – he even took a few snaps of me getting into the Summer spirit with my parasol! I was in my happy place as I LOVE flowers. I’m hoping to arrange some proper shoots for clients here one year soon!

A refreshing San Pellegrino at the pop-up café went down a treat after a few hours of immersing ourselves in the fields!

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